fashionSPARK Collection -Rafet

september 2017

Initially being inspired the show's design themes, “Equity” and “Wear What You Are”, I thought about my experiences in regards to self-love, confidence, and beauty. Black Women need even more self-confidence since we’re so overlooked by the rest of society. With this in mind, I thought about what it would take to make Black Women feel beautiful? What will make them feel worthy, good enough, loved, secure, and beautiful? My collection displays an idealistic image in my head of Equity, giving Black Women what they need to feel beautiful. I envision Black Women in luxurious folds of fabric, stand out colors, oiled skin to show off their complexion, braids to embrace their true hair texture. I envision my collection inspiring others to truly embrace who they are, their culture and their being.

PHotos taken by Kristin Bradford

models alexis roston, olivia davis, samira holloway, paisley simmons & kristin weathersby